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About NSFA


Q: What is NSFA?

A: It's a despicable card game.


Q: What does NSFA stand for?

A: Not Safe For Anyone. We don't care if you think it's stupid... you are stupid...


Q: How is the game played?

A: When it is your turn, you select a card from your hand and play it for another player or for the group, depending on the type of card. They then will have to share crazy information or complete a challenge or else they accumulate a card.


Q: But what is this game all about?

A: We were tired of boring games and small talk. So we created a game that exploits all the crazy shit everyone has done and forces them to share or lose the game. Naturally it is best served cold, with alcohol. What we didn't anticipate is that people love it. 

Q: Did you know that one of the creators of this game once gave himself a happy while driving down the interstate? Or that our friend Clarissa's favorite thing about butt holes is their smell?

A: Well you would have if you had played our game... with Jeff... and Clarissa... And hey, Clarissa likes a smelly butt hole, who are we to judge? (This is the type of nonsensical and hilarious information that happens naturally in NSFA.)

Q: Didn't you already mention the story above on the home page?

A: Yes we did, thank you for noticing.


Q: Why is the 'About Us' section in Q&A format?

A: Because we felt like it.