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A Despicable Game 
By Mularki Games
Not Safe For Anyone Draw Pile Image
Not Safe For Anyone Game Box
Not Safe For Anyone | What's in the box text image
250 cards of hilarity text image
Not Safe For Anyone Card Image
Not Safe For Anyone Rules Card


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Not Safe For Anyone Testimonials
Not Safe For Anyone Testimonial | Scott -Microsoft | "It's literally my new favorite game! This game naturally leads to everyone telling their own crazy stories and it's the perfect party game!"
Not Safe For Anyone | Testimonials | Pete - Financial Services | "I don't typically like playing games, but this one is sooo much fun! I played with friends I have had for years and realized I had no idea about half the shit that came out of playing this game!"
Not Safe For Anyone | Testimonials | Rebecca - Salesforce | "OMG it is so fun! We playd with a large group and everyone was immediately asking how they could buy one!"

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