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Not Safe For Anyone Coming Soon to Kickstarter
A Despicable Game 
By Mularki Games
Not Safe For Anyone Draw Pile Image
Not Safe For Anyone Game Box
Not Safe For Anyone | What's in the box text image
250 cards of hilarity text image
Not Safe For Anyone! It is simply the funnest game for an evening with friends, acquaintances, or with whomever you choose to play!
NSFA/Not Safe For Anyone Objective.

Be the first to get rid of all of your cards!
Not Safe For Anyone |  How to play

When it is your turn, you select a card from your hand and play it for another player or for the group, depending on the type of card you choose. They then will have to share crazy information or complete a challenge or else they accumulate a card.
Not Safe For Anyone Card Image
Not Safe For Anyone Rules Card
Not Safe For Anyone | Let's be honest, we have all done some crazy shit! And we know you have many, many regrets... But you won't regret playing NSFA!

We were tired of forced small talk and impersonable games... So we created NSFA to break the ice for an unforgettable night... Unless you are like us and drink too much...

We do remember some things... We remember that one of the creators of this game once gave himself a happy while driving down the I-94. We also seem to recall that our friend Clarissa's favorite thing about butt holes is their smell... She likes a smelly butt hole... and hey... who are we to judge!?

The point is, you would have known this if you had played NSFA... with Jeff... and Clarissa...
a note from creators text image


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Not Safe For Anyone Testimonials
Not Safe For Anyone Testimonial | Scott -Microsoft | "It's literally my new favorite game! This game naturally leads to everyone telling their own crazy stories and it's the perfect party game!"
Not Safe For Anyone | Testimonials | Pete - Financial Services | "I don't typically like playing games, but this one is sooo much fun! I played with friends I have had for years and realized I had no idea about half the shit that came out of playing this game!"
Not Safe For Anyone | Testimonials | Rebecca - Salesforce | "OMG it is so fun! We playd with a large group and everyone was immediately asking how they could buy one!"

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